Biomass Myths – The True Story

The biomass industry is full of misconceptions and myths that largely stem from an abundance of misinformation and a distrust of the ‘unknown’ burgeoning new technology. We dispelled a few solar myths in our previous post, so let’s get cracking to uncover some more in the biomass industry.

It’s a common belief that most domestic biomass boilers are enormous – so big that you have to have an extra large mansion to fit one. This is not true. A domestic biomass boiler is about the size of a washing machine – not a tennis court! They can be installed in utility rooms, garages and outbuildings. Dry storage space is required for the pellets – either in bags or a hopper- but again this is not the humungous area that most envisage to be needed.

Biomass myth number two is that a biomass boiler is not as safe as a normal gas boiler. Incorrect. Biomass boilers are in fact very safe and this is why the government are encouraging people to invest in them. The boilers we install have many advanced safety features just like standard gas boilers. There is also a safety cut out feature which switches the entire system off. Rest assured a biomass boiler is far from a ticking time bomb!

Our third biomass myth is that biomass boilers are smelly and noisy – both of which are incorrect. The biomass pellets are burned in a closed, flued system and therefore just like a standard gas boiler. So contrary to popular belief, they don’t smell and are no noisier than a standard boiler. Indeed, Sunuser biomass systems are approved to be installed in smokeless zones i.e. they are ‘exempt appliances’.

The fourth and final myth we’ll be dispelling is that a biomass boiler cannot be connected to your existing heating system. Lies, lies, lies. It can indeed be connected to your existing heating system, just like any other boiler. However dry storage space, as mentioned earlier, is needed for the pellets as they are unusable if wet. In short, a biomass boiler does not mean completely changing your existing heating system and will not cause lots of upheaval.

It’s worth pointing out that biomass boilers work brilliantly with solar thermal (water heating) systems. Your savings will be maximised all year round as biomass boilers perform most efficiently during the winter and solar thermal systems during the summer. An excellent combination indeed!

We hope that we’ve clarified a few points and illustrated that a biomass boiler is not the enormous, not to mention dangerous and smelly, renewable technology many perceive it to be. A boiler is in fact manageable and safe and will make an excellent addition to your property by reducing your heating bills. Please visit the biomass section of our website for further details.