We are here to help!

Sunuser has been successfully repairing and servicing both domestic and commercial solar water heating systems nationwide since 1981. We are vastly experienced in both flat plate and vacuum tube solar water heating equipment and provide the highest level of workmanship and customer service.

If there’s a problem with your solar water heating system, it requires servicing or if you need advice, we are here to help!

We recommend that a solar water heating system is serviced and the anti-freeze/inhibitor fluid within the solar primary circuit replaced every 5 years. This provides the system with adequate frost protection and prevents permanent damage to the collectors.

Sunuser has been providing a 5 yearly service to our many thousands of customers for over 35 years, ensuring efficient system performance and longevity.

A Sunuser service includes:

  • Draining down the solar primary circuit
  • Repressurising with new anti-freeze/inhibitor fluid
  • safety relief valve (if required)
  • expansion vessel back pressure
  • pump
  • flow meter
  • all solar temperature sensors
  • temperature differential controller
  • hour counter
  • pipework
  • visual check of panels
  • Commissioning and testing the system
  • Up to 1 hour’s labour

Our engineers carry extensive spare parts and all our work and new materials are guaranteed for 12 months.