Get paid for the hot water you generate

The Government has launched the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which rewards homeowners, private landlords, social landlords and self-builders using a solar thermal system to heat water. You get PAID for the hot water you generate and reduce your fuel bills!

Having installed over 50,000 solar water heating collectors nationwide since 1981, Sunuser is the leading domestic solar thermal supplier in the UK. Many thousands of households are already enjoying the benefits of owning a Sunuser solar thermal system, you too can join them.

Benefit from being a Sunuser solar thermal owner:

  • Get paid for every kWh of hot water you generate
  • Earn tax free* index linked income for 7 years
  • Reduce your energy bills (even in winter)
  • Super efficient, safe and durable copper cylinders
  • 10 year Solar Collector Warranty
  • Energy Performance Certificate Included

Act now before the limited funding runs out!

Since 1981, Sunuser has recommended, designed and installed superior purpose-made copper cylinders to suit each installation. These cylinders have a long life span and are the most efficient and cost-effective to run as they heat water almost 30 times faster than other materials*.

Due to copper’s flexibility, a special ‘Integron’ finned coil with a much larger surface area (minimum recommended 1.2m²) is incorporated into a cylinder. This ensures optimum heat transfer from the solar collectors to the water in the cylinder. Copper cylinders are very safe as they reduce the threat of bacterial growth, such as MRSA, E.coli and Legionella in water systems* and copper is 100% recyclable.

The ‘Advanced’ solar thermal collectors Sunuser install have a robust aluminium case, toughened ‘solar’ glazing, copper pipes and absorbers with a selective coating and a fully insulated case.

Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are ideally suited to benefit from a Sunuser solar thermal installation. Large volumes of water are efficiently heated by our solar thermal systems to vastly reduce fuel bills. However, swimming pools do not qualify for the RHI payments.

* The income earned is not tax-free for commercial solar thermal installations – it is treated as bank interest.
* Report by O’Brien, Dr M. Smyth & Anderson, Centre for Sustainable Technologies, School of the Built Environment, University of Ulster, 2014
* Independent Review by O’Gormon & Humphreys, Journal of Hospital Infection, 2012