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Solar Water Heating: Sunuser

Solar Water Heating Principles

The sun is a source of continuous radiation falling upon the earth's surface. Most of us have experienced the sun's radiation through a window and this is known as the 'greenhouse effect'.

These particular rays are infra red rays and the main source of energy utilised by the SunuserŪ solar systems to heat domestic hot water. This solar energy is free, not ruled by inflation and is available even when there is no direct sunlight.

This considerable energy is 'collected' by the solar system to provide domestic hot water. Advanced flat plate collectors, manufactured to European Standard EN12975 (Parts 1 & 2) and specifically designed for the UK climate are fixed to a roof surface or suitable site. Every Sunuser Solar Panel installation is designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials to deliver outsanding results.

Between the glazing and insulation is a selectively coated copper absorber which is designed to provide maximum absorption and minimum reflection.

The short waves from the sun pass through the glass into the collector, strike the absorber surface and are absorbed. Any energy that is re-radiated is longer waves which are reflected by the glass and trapped in the collector – thus creating the ‘greenhouse effect’.

The heat generated inside the collector is circulated by a special antifreeze-inhibitor solution around the absorber, extracting the collected heat and transferring it to a new pupose-designed solar hot water storage vessel.

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