We’ve Updated Our Website

We thought we’d let you know that we’ve updated our website. We’ve added a new section on our Professional Sunuser Twin Water Softeners. Please visit our BENEFITS page to find out how you can take advantage of our new product; our INSTALLATION page for all the information about how it’s fitted; our HOW IT WORKS page for all the product features and our FAQs page to answer any questions.

With our Sunuser Twin Water Softener you’ll save time and money as it reduces the build up of limescale. Limescale clogs cylinders, heat exchangers in boilers and washing machines which increases energy bills. It also leaves stubborn stains and scaling in kitchens and bathrooms.

Slider & Bottom BannerOur customers have been really pleased too. Mr Tyler from Argyll stated: “The Sunuser Twin Water Softener has been problem free. The main reason for me investing in a water softener was a major leak in one of my water tanks and all the joints spurring up due to hard water. I’ve noticed a marked improvement since it’s been installed and am glad that I’m ensuring the best possible efficiency of my water heating system.”

Mr Taylor of Norfolk commented: “I’m really pleased with my Sunuser Twin Water Softener. The water feels much softer, soap lathers more and my heating system is more efficient.  I’m 100% satisfied!” Give us a call to find out how you can be a satisfied customer too on 0800 980 8939.

We’d also like to apologise if you’ve had difficulty telephoning us on Monday or Tuesday this week. We’ve had a problem with our phone lines but are happy to report that this is now fixed.