Solar Batteries

We’ve had lots of calls asking us about solar batteries…should I install them? Will I get my money back? How effective are they? So let’s clear things up.

Solar batteries are still a relatively new technology. The idea is that they’ll work in conjunction with your solar PV (electricity generating) system. Any surplus electricity that’s generated from this system can be stored in the batteries and then used when you need it – i.e. when the sun’s not shining.

img_1453Research into solar batteries is on-going and currently they’re expensive. We’d advise you to be cautious. Lots of you have told us how eager you are to be self-sufficient – in a power-cut you’d like to be able to power your home. Admirable goals but in order to make a financially advantageous investment we’d recommend you wait a while until further technological advances are made.

This technology is rapidly advancing and as soon it becomes a cost effective investment and the batteries last longer we’ll offer it to you. We’re always happy to discuss the options available and will give you the best advice we can.

We’ve also had numerous calls from customers saying they’ve been contacted by cold callers telling them they must change their inverters. These callers have informed them that they need to change their single inverter to multiple inverters – so each solar module is connected to its own inverter. This is not true. Please be assured that you do NOT have to change your inverter and we have reported all these unwanted calls.

If you have any questions we’ve not answered, please call us on 0113 2620261.

N.B. Solar PV systems can be designed so that each solar module is connected to its own inverter, known as a Microinverters, but once a system has been installed we would not recommend changing to this set up. It is not cost effective and is not necessary.