Dirty Electricity…What’s the Deal?

We’ve teamed up with Beneficial Environments to reduce electrical pollution or dirty electricity in your home or office.

Dirty electricity refers to the electromagnetic fields (EMF) released by electrical and radio devices such as mobile phones, wifi internet connections and many household appliances. Even though we can’t see or touch it, this dirty electricity is all around us. It poses a threat to our health and can cause headaches, fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

So what can you do? You can click on this link to our new website page and find out how dirty electricity can be measured using specialist meters and reduced with EMF filters. Airtube headsets can also be used when talking on your mobile .

Other than purchasing filters, meters and airtube headsets what else can you do to reduce the levels of dirty electricity in your home? Here’s a few tips:

● Turn off your wifi and electrical devices at night.
● Don’t put your computer on your lap and reroute cables away from you.
● Keep electrically powered alarm clocks and devices in bedrooms at least five feet from beds. Consider opting for a battery operated alarm clock.
● Limit your use of a microwave and vacate the room when in use.
● Get rid of cordless phones in your home or opt for the Eco Dect setting – when the phone is not being used it switches off the transmitters and can also save up to £25 a year in electricity consumption.

We hope you find these pointers as useful as we did!